Betting On Forex With Binary Options In 2013

Binary options is a legal way for Americans and other gamblers to bet on companies or currencies online in 2013. The best online binary options brokers in 2013 are Global Option and EZTrade. These brokers have a wide selection of currency or forex assets that you can bet on and you can select time periods as low as several minutes.Sports bettors pay bookmakers 10% on their bets. Binary options brokers charge as little as half of that. Betting on a football game is still fun and profitable but recent studies have found that forex binary options trading in 2013 is much more profitable.

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As we have shown before binary forex options make a great alternative to more ‘traditional’ Forex trading and small wonder then that so many Forex traders are now trading Binary Options. Now to trade binary forex options you will require the services of a Binary Options broker that allows you to trade currency pairs using binary options.  As is the case with Forex brokers there are a number of brokers (in fact quite a lot) that will allow you to do this, however it should be stated that not all forex binary options brokers are the same so let us find out what the best brokers are if you are looking to join the many that are making great returns trading FX Binary Options. In order to decide which the best brokers are we need to decide what areas we are going to take a look at, one important and often forgotten point in the days of online trading is that any broker you trade forex binary options (or any type of binary option) at must be operated by a reputable and established company.

This qualification instantly rules out about 80% of the current brokers as most of the new fx binary options brokers are nothing more than white labels operated by companies and people unknown. A white label is simply a branded version of someone else’s software, in essence there is nothing wrong with operating as a white label and/or using someone’s software, however a number of binary options trading platforms seem to be launching whitelabels in huge numbers and when we visit those brokers there is often no or incomplete information available about who you are actually dealing with. Now in my opinion this does not mean that they are bad but if you are anything like me would you not rather trade at a fx binary options broker where you know who you are dealing with?

Now that we have established that we need to deal with a reputable company we will want to judge those brokers that are left and see how they stack up when it comes to the trading software, banking methods (especially withdrawal times) and support.

If you look around online there are a number of complaints about withdrawals at certain brokers, personally we are of the opinion that if you can instantly deposit then you should be able to withdraw pretty quickly too, judging from other peoples experiences there are a few brokers where withdrawal times seem to exceed reasonable times.

None of this is the case with any of the fx binary options brokers that we list on this website; in fact we will only recommend forex binary options brokers that excel in all these areas. Currently we have identified two brokers that will let you trade binary options on a number of currency pairs, in our next two posts on this website we will take a look at each of these brokers and explain why these two lead the field when it comes to fx binary options trading in 2013 online.


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