NFL Parlay Bonuses At The Bovada Sportsbook

bovada bodog parlay betsParlay betting on the NFL is available here and there but 9 out of 10 of these fun wagers are placed at Bovada (US) and Bodog (non-US). Why does Bovada dominate the NFL parlay betting industry? They are the only respectable online US sportsbooks that offer decent parlays. It gets better than that though. Every time you place a winning parlay bet on the NFL at Bovada you will receive 10% in extra cash. This sportsbook promotion is only applicable when the parlay has 5 legs. This means that you must place a 5 team parlay bet. The NFL football betting season has been amazing for online sports bettors. Despite the losses Bovada and Bodog have been facing they are still rewarding sports betting fans for choosing to place their bets with them. In this post I will explain how the parlay bonus works at Bovada / Bodog and explain how parlay bets work.

Bovada Sports Book Parlay Bonus

The parlay bet bonus at Bovada is not available every week. Bodog and Bovada may be the largest online sportsbooks, both financially and in popularity, but even they cannot afford to give away hundreds of thousands in free money EVERY week. Luckily the next parlay bonus is going to be on Week 11. We are on the week 10 in the NFL so you will have plenty of time to create your account and place some parlay bets. You can also play at the Bovada poker room or at the Bovada casino in the meantime. Here is the parlay bonus schedule at Bovada/Bodog.

  • NFL Week 11 – Parlay Leaderboard
  • NFL Week 14 – $10,000 Jackpot

If you place a 5-team (or more) parlay bet on the Week 11 NFL football games and you win you will receive 10% extra…with few strings attached.  The maximum parlay bonus available is $100. Here are the clearance req’s for the 10% parlay bonus at Bovada:

This bonus is on top of the 50% first deposit bonus up to $250 that these Internet bookmakers offer. Use the links above to claim this amazing sports betting bonus.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlay bets are pretty simply. You will be betting on 2 or more games. To qualify for the parlay bonus you need to bet on 5+ games. This type of wager is an “all or nothing” type of bet. If you pick 5 teams that you think will win then they all have to win in order for you to be paid.

You get amazing odds when you place parlay bets. If for instance you bet $100 on 5 games separately you would only receive a fraction of what you would have won if you had combined them in a parlay bet. This is because you have to get them all right in order to win. It is kind of like a trifecta bet in horse racing. No other sportsbook online today offers better parlay lines. Many do not even offer parlay betting, let alone an extra bonus.

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