2013 NFL Betting – Props & Futures

2013 nfl football futures bettingWe are already part-way into June so the 2013 NFL football betting season is drawing near. People are already printing out their football pool sheets and studying the off-season trades. Who retired? Who got traded? These are the questions that serious sports bettors are asking right now as they prepare for the upcoming season. Some early-bird bettors are even taking advantage of the futures and prop betting options available at most online sportsbooks. Kevin from TheSportsGeek.com offers a free picks service for NFL football betting. If you do not feel like going through all of the off-season data he can help you get caught up. I will be looking at some of the NFL football prop bets and futures available at Bovada for the 2013 season. Seeing what the bookmakers are offering can give you a reliable picture of which teams are going to be strong this season.

2013 NFL Futures Bets

When I am behind on my pre-season research I like to glance at the futures like at a leading sportsbook. The 49′s are the favorite for the 2013 season with 6/1 odds for winning the Superbowl. The Denver Broncos are not far behind them at 13/2. Futures bets are my favorite because they take months to complete. If betting on football makes watching it more exciting – as it does for me – then a futures bet gives you the a whole season’s worth of excitement. Sitting in my sports man cave watching the games just isn’t that much fun unless I have cash wagered. Here are some NFL futures bets that I suggest looking into:

  • Baltimore Ravens – 22/1
  • Chicago Bears – 33/1 – Home team betting is usually a bad call but I really do think this is a good line.
  • Detroit Lions – 40/1

Online sportsbooks also give you the option of betting on who will win their conference.

2013 NFL Prop Betting

Prop betting on the NFL comes in two formats: Team or Player. The team prop betting at Bovada consists of picking how many games a particular team will win. This is an over/under wager so you only need to pick higher or lower than the number specified in the line. For instance, you can risk $100 to win $110 if the Cardinals win more than 5 1/2 games. If you think that they will not win that many games you can risk $140 to win $100. Personally, I think the Cardinals will win 7-8 games this season. This kind of bet gives you a whole season’s worth of excitement.

There is only one other NFL prop bet available at Bovada right now. You can risk $110 to win $100 if you pick which side the coin will land on during the coin toss at the Superbowl. I’ve always found 50/50 wagers like this somewhat boring and usually do not place any.

The NFL player prop bets are about who will win the 2013 NFL MVP. The football betting season is still far enough away that online bookmakers like Bovada have issues the names of the players but not the lines. Aaron Rogers is an obvious favorite but you never know with this type of bet.

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