European Football Betting Report

eu football sportsbooksEuropean football betting is in full swing right now. There are some excellent betting opportunities and promotions at the top football / soccer betting sites and I will be sharing some of them in this report. Any Americans reading this should note that when people in the UK and Europe say football they are talking about soccer. This actually makes much more sense if you think about it. Soccer involves continuously kicking a ball but American football players only kick the ball a handful of times each game. When I say the word football in this post I will be referring to soccer. Football is the most popular sport in Europe and the betting opportunities are extensive. There are many leagues and teams to bet on, which makes it easier to find lines that do not reflect the reality on the ground. More betting options are always a good thing for  bettors, or punters as they are called in Europe.

You will see what I mean just by visiting an online sportsbook. I am restricted from real money betting because of my location so I do not have firsthand experience at the top sportsbooks for football betting. You can find a full list of the leading football betting sites at One of their featured betting sites has a £25 free bet promo running so you can test the water without making a deposit.

Upcoming Football Matches

Bet365 is probably the most well known and trusted online betting site in the world. They were one of the first online sportsbooks to start offering in-play or live betting. You can place football bets in real time as you watch the game. Here is a short list of some upcoming football games and lines at Bet365.

Barclay’s Premier League:

  • April 27th – Man City (1/4) Vs West Ham (11/1) – Draw: 5/1
  • April 28th – Chelsea (1/3) Vs Swansea (9/1) – Draw: 4/1
  • April 29th – Aston Villa (6/5) Vs Sunderland (12/5) – Draw: 23/10

Bet365 also accepts wagers based on the final score of the football game. This type of betting gives you a wide range of odds. For instance, if you bet on Man City to win 5-3 the odds are 150/1. The same wager on Aston Villa has a 300/1 payout. I like this kind of wager, but it is best to only invest a small percentage of your money into them. The more likely outcomes like a 1-0 final score for Aston are better for larger bets.

Special Betting Promotion At U.S. Bookmaker

Most European punters tend to stay away from U.S. friendly bookmakers but there are some decent promotions for football / soccer bettors. BetOnline is an old school bookie and they have a solid reputation. They have a Nil-Nil Refund promo running right now that may interest you. If you bet on the Over and the game results in a draw you will be refunded. Draws are pretty common place in European football and no other sportsbooks that I know of offer something like this. This offer is good for up to $250 per wager and the money is placed into your free-play account with minimal wagering requirements.

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